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In The Community

As a privately owned business based in Wollongong, we firmly believe in supporting our local community and those in need.

To this end we sponsor a range of local fund raising events and charitable organisations.

Over many years our financial and personal efforts have primarily been directed toward the Illawarra Cancer Carers (fundraising) and the Wollongong Golf Club (Juniors Development).

We have been corporate sponsors of the Illawarra Cancer Carers annual major fundraising event since 2002. The Illawarra Cancer Carers provide services to patients at the Cancer Centre and the Wollongong Hospital cancer wards, and also raise funds for urgently needed medical equipment, raising in excess of $2.5 million to date.

With regard to Wollongong Golf Club, we have been providing financial support and been actively involved with the Juniors Development program since 2009. Having been part of this program since its modest beginnings, it’s certainly been gratifying, as well as humbling, to be of help along the way and witness first-hand how significant & valued it has become.

We are passionate about supporting Juniors Golf, we believe it’s a great leveller, it engenders qualities like patience, tolerance, camaraderie & good manners and it’s certainly one way of keeping our youth focused on a positive pursuit. We understand that for some families affordability is an issue, and so we’re more than happy to help.

In addition to the Cancer Carers and Wollongong Golf Club, we also provide regular, ongoing financial support to the RSPCA, Salvation Army and WorldVision.

We firmly believe in the good work of these organisations and intend to continue our support while ever our clients support us & so enable us to do so.

Hello Paul,

Thank you. It’s great to have you guys help fund the programs the kids have a great time participating in the competitions, and they would not go ahead if it wasn’t for your generosity. We keep in touch with Darius and I’ll make sure he knows to introduce us when your there, so we can meet you and give our thanks.

Cooper will definitely be participating in more competitions in the future.

Nicki Simonoski

Dear Paul,

Since taking up golf 15 months ago Josh has developed a real love and passion for his golf. His Mum says, ‘Thanks to the wonderful staff at Wollongong Golf Club and sponsorship given by Fenton & Associates, Josh has been given many opportunities to develop new skills, lower his handicap and meet new friends’

Each week Josh has participated in clinics held by the club, been apart of the Junior Pennant Team, taken advantage of subdivised private golf lessons, participated in the Juniors on the Move Sydney Competition and regularly taken part in local tournaments. Financially, this would not have been possible without the wonderful initiatives sponsored by Fenton & Associates.

At a recent competition a father from another local Golf Club commented on the improvement Josh had made in the last 3 months since his son had last played him. He asked Josh what he had been doing to achieve this. Josh was able to tell him about the many opportunities the junior sponsorship program offers at his club and believed that this was the key to his improvement. Lots of practice, expert advice from our pros and a love for his golf.

Thanks Fenton & Associates & Wollongong Golf Club for allowing our children to shine!

Tania Hayes

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