We provide completely tailored financial planning solutions, because everyone's personal and financial circumstances differ.

We focus on what matters at a personal level, to ensure that we assist in meeting our clients' goals and objectives most effectively.

We strive to provide exceptional advice and service.

We are committed to educating ourselves as knowledge is vital in a world of constant change, economically and legislatively.

We like to work with people we like, as achieving one's goals & objectives does not happen overnight. Our client relationships usually last many years.

We enjoy helping our clients and we believe in "going the extra mile". We take pride in what we do and find it extremely rewarding to achieve the best possible solutions for our clients.


Strategic advice is one of the most important aspects of financial planning, requiring review and amendment to remain effective. Making sure your assets are structured appropriately throughout your life means better tax, investment, cash flow, centrelink and estate planning outcomes.

Equally, it's important you understand how you are tracking along the way. By periodically measuring, assessing & projecting your cash flow and asset position we are able to ensure that you maximise your long term wealth and achieve your objectives.


There are a myriad of investment options and structures available - direct investment, managed funds, sector specialist, multi-manager, exchange traded funds & index funds, for example. There are also different ways in which you can hold investments - public offer superannuation, personal investment (non super), self managed super, annuities & pension accounts. And then there are the actual investments - cash, fixed interest, shares & property, Domestic and/or International.

When determining the most appropriate structure(s), ownership and investments, it's important we understand your circumstances & preferences, the robustness of the recommended structure, and the risks & costs associated with the investment.

Our approach

Because we are privately owned, we are not beholden to dictates from a parent company, bank or funds management institution. We are able to consider the full range of investment options, structures & assets for our clients.

Our advisers do not recommend investments with high fees or complicated fee/commission structures. We have never taken commissions on the placement of investments, rather, we have always believed that fees should be based on the complexity of advice, not on the amount a person has available to invest. This latter arrangement usually results in high fees that bear no relevance to the advice provided - it is in fact so inappropriate, it was outdated on 1 July 2012.

We have a prudent, conservative approach when it comes to selecting investments for our clients. Before recommending any investment, we undertake a rigorous research process. It is paramount we fully understand the investment. Testament to this process is our track history - we have never recommended any failed investment scheme - no Trio, Fincorp, Westpoint, Bridgecorp, or Elm, to name but a few. Nor have our clients been advised to aggressively borrow to invest in shares or other schemes.

Ongoing Review

Planning for your financial future and well being is not a 'set & forget' arrangement.

It's important we ensure the strategies employed for you remain appropriate, are changed as required, and that your investments and insurance arrangements remain consistent with your objectives.

There will be occasions when your personal circumstances change, legislation changes and your investments & insurances require review.

In addition, we take the worry out of managing your financial future by taking care of the detail and guiding you along the way. For example:

  • When we are notified of alterations to your investments & insurances, such as fee revisions or changes to a fund manager's activities, we will assess the impact of these changes for you and provide recommendations where appropriate.
  • With the ever changing legislative landscape, the best strategy today may not be suitable in the future. When changes occur we identify if you will be affected, and if so, we assess the impact on you and provide you with the necessary advice to ensure you are best positioned to adapt to the changes.
  • When you approach certain 'life stages' such as the attainment of Age Pension age, we will assess whether there are strategies available to secure entitlement to Centrelink income support payments and/or concession cards.
  • In preparation for a future need for residential aged care (whether for you or a parent), we will help you to analyse your options, and to identify the strategies available to you that can help with minimising costs.
  • Finally, when you or your family are faced with death (again, whether it be you, your partner or another family member), you will have the security of our established relationship and expertise to fall back on. We will help you manage the tax issues associated with the death of an investor, as well as identify and implement strategies that will allow your beneficiaries to move forward in good financial shape.

Given the variables associated with investment, government legislation, the economy and life in general, you will find that we will be actively working on your behalf while ever you employ us.

The process

Following your initial consultation, your adviser will ascertain if we are able to help you and improve upon your financial future. If so, we will provide you with an Advice Proposal that will specify the scope of advice to be provided and the associated cost.

If you would like us to proceed on that basis, we then prepare the Advice Document (known as the Statement of Advice) and we arrange a further consultation with you for presentation of our recommendations.

If your Statement of Advice includes recommendations that require implementation and you wish to proceed, we will assist you throughout this process. Our Statements of Advice are tailored and comprehensive. We do not provide generic, low quality advice.

Your Statement of Advice will detail the ongoing service arrangement appropriate to your circumstances, if required, and will specify our ongoing fee for this service. Our ongoing services are also tailored to your circumstances. You pay us an ongoing fee for the specified services we provide.

We believe that becoming a client of Fenton & Associates is a two way process. It is not only important for clients to be comfortable with our approach, it is equally important for us to ensure the clients we take on have the same philosophical approach. If it is your preference to behave speculatively and chase high risk strategies, it is likely you will not be suited to us.

Taking time to talk things through with Joanne has been invaluable to me. I have found that all of your beautiful team is so willing to assist.

The most important issue for me is trust and integrity, by giving that, I can sleep at night.

Every time I speak to my adviser Monica, I find her helpful, attentive and very patient.

I feel confident that if I need advice I can call on you. Thank you.

Never any problems arranging a meeting at short notice. Prompt return of calls.

Have and would recommend Fenton & Associates to colleagues and friends.

We are very happy with the advice & support we receive from Joanne.

Extremely happy with Stuart. I trust him entirely as I know he is looking after me and my finances.